Aldi is selling a mini waffle pancake pan just in time for Pancake Day

Aldi is selling a mini waffle pancake pan just in time for Pancake Day

Ah, pancakes. They are one of life's little pleasures. Tasty, but not too filling, it's no wonder that there's a day of the year dedicated to them. But, as any pancake connoisseur will attest, making them just right is nothing short of an art form.

However, thanks to Aldi, there is now help at hand in the form of this brilliant mini waffle pancake pan which has been released just in time for Pancake Day.

Check out this recipe for Bailey's smores pancakes: 

Measuring in at 26cm, the waffle pan contains the following features: it is made of aluminum alloy; it has a 26 cm diameter, and, naturally, it's dishwasher friendly (which is perfect because it means you can enjoy your hot waffles without the lingering thought of having to do the dishes hanging over you).

A waffle pancake pan. Credit: Aldi

The pan's product description reads: "Create cute mini waffle pancakes with this great value Mini Waffle Pancake Pan. With multiple sections, you can create up to 7 mini waffle pancakes at a time making it a perfect addition to any kitchen. As well as being easy-to-clean, you can flip away to your hearts [sic] content knowing that it also has a non-stick coating. Please note this pan is suitable for use on all hobs excluding induction."

A waffle pancake maker. Credit: Aldi

The pan itself is a total steal and will set you back just £7.99 and that includes a 12-month warranty. Bargain.

If this sounds like the item you need to make your first Pancake Day of the decade truly glorious, then it can be purchased in-store on Aldi's website.

Meanwhile, in other pancake news, Pillsbury has released a funfetti pancake and waffle mix, and last year, IHOP created a burger with a pancake in the middle. Yes, as heart-attack-inducing as it sounds, it is a thing!