Aldi is selling life-size Kevin the Carrot toys in time for Christmas

Aldi is selling life-size Kevin the Carrot toys in time for Christmas

Aldi is now selling life-size Kevin the Carrot toys just in time for Christmas.

Kevin the Carrot is the star of the budget supermarket's advert this Christmas, which features a playful, Dickensian duel between him and the Leafy Blinders (aka evil Brussel sprouts) - all to a slightly rewritten version of Robbie Williams' 'Let me Entertain You'.

If you haven't seen it yet, this is Aldi's Christmas 2019 advert:

However, this isn't the first time that we've met Kevin. He also starred in Aldi's Christmas ad last year too.

Back then, he proved to be such a hit that when plush toys in his image were created, and they sold out! So it only stood to reason that they would be making a return this year, but this time, Kevin's got some additional friends in plushie form too.

Credit: Aldi

To put Kevin's popularity into context, last year, he caused a bit of a riot, with shoppers queuing around the street and allegedly fighting in-store for the plush toy.

The first new character joining Kevin for this year's festive season in plushie form is Tiny Tom the tomato.

Credit: Aldi

And the second new plushie is Russell Sprout.

Tiny Tom and Russell Sprout retail for £3.99 ($5) each.

An Aldi plush toy. Credit: Aldi

However, if it's Kevin that you're really after, you can buy a meter-long plushie of him and his wife Giant Katie, and a giant unicorn (your guess is as good as mine) for £19.99 ($26) each.

Check out this leaked Aldi employee footage. I'd actually love to work there:

Oh, and you can also get the smaller versions of Kevin's family too - Chantenay, Jasper and Baby. All priced at £3.99 ($5) each.

Credit: Aldi

The toys will be available for preorder on November 24 before they go on general release four days later.

But if Kevin the Carrot isn't up your street this Christmas, there's plenty of other tantalizing products on offer this year including Misguided's matching dog and owner jumpers.