Aldi to release handbag with secret built-in wine dispenser

Aldi to release handbag with secret built-in wine dispenser

Aldi will soon be selling a women's handbag with a secret built-in dispenser from which the owner can pour glasses of wine subtly when they are out and about.

The item, which will sell for $24.99 AUD, contains a compartment with an insulated wine cooler attached to a concealed pouring tap and a removable, reusable pouch meaning you can constantly refill with your favorite beverage.

Check out this 'leaked' Aldi staff training video. I'd love to work there:

So essentially, you can enjoy a drink on the go with total ease and convenience with the added benefit of a stylish accessory which can also be used to carry your other essentials.

Credit: Aldi

Despite not yet being available on the shelves, the tote shoulder bag has already piqued the attention of many shoppers, who have expressed as much online.

Indeed a number of social media users have taken to their respective platforms to state their interest in buying the product - either for themselves or as a Christmas present.

"This is ALL I want for Xmas," one shopper commented, while another woman said in jest: "Next level! Lol does it come in a clutch size lol."

Take a look at Aldi's fantastic Christmas Launch Advert for 2019:

A third wrote: "My love for Aldi just increased!" And another added: "THIS IS NOT A DRILL!! I repeat, NOT A DRILL!"

Furthermore, some shoppers decided that if they bought the bag, it would be perfect for outdoor activities, while others joked they would love to bring the item - with its handy little wine dispenser - with them to work!

Credit: Aldi

"I would put cordial or water in it for when we go bush walking," one mother commented.

Another suggested: "Whilst I'm a non drinker, it's a great idea for any beverage."

"Looks like a great Christmas present idea," a different person wrote. "We could even take them to work."

If you're interested in getting your hands on the handbag, you can purchase the item in on Saturday, December 21 as part of the Special Buys catalog. It will only be available in Australia, but hopefully, we'll see this item hit shelves elsewhere soon after.