Aldi's Christmas advert sees Kevin the Carrot get caught up with the Leafy Blinders

Aldi's Christmas advert sees Kevin the Carrot get caught up with the Leafy Blinders

Everyone is talking about Aldi's new Christmas advert, which sees the highly-anticipated return of Kevin the Carrot. Every year since 2016, the beloved character has graced our screens as the star of the budget supermarket's Christmas ads, and this year is no different.

The new advert also sees the introduction of Russell Sprout and his gang of "Leafy Blinders", inspired, of course, by the popular drama Peaky Blinders. The Leafy Blinders cannot stand the fact that Kevin and his family of carrots are stealing the limelight as the nation's ultimate Christmas vegetable.

Check out Aldi's new Christmas advert below (it's everything you'd want it to be and more!)

The drama in the computer-animated commercial peaks when the sprouts tie Kevin to a grater, hoping to end the life of everyone's favourite talking carrot. Luckily, he manages to escape with the help of Tiny Tom - a little tomato.

Immediately following the almost tragic ordeal (I mean, Kevin was mere moments away from being grated to death!), the carrot proceeds to belt out his own version of Robbie Williams' Let Me Entertain You.

Naturally, the advert was met with an excited response from viewers, who flocked to Twitter to share their thoughts:

"Too early for christmas but the leafy blinders advert hahahah aldi is the most superior [sic]," one Twitter user wrote.

"These little sprouts are so cute with thier terrifyingly angry yet cute faces and i think i am in desperate need for little leafy blinder in my life. Aldi have outdone themselves again this year! [sic]" a different user added.

"Leafy Blinders, out for Kevin the Carrot, the Aldi Christmas mascot," added a third. "What next? Sproutlander!"

"There’s nothing like looking forward to Christmas than Aldi & Kevin," another viewer wrote. "I am very excited to see The Leafy Blinders (Please release a sprout plush with the peaky blinders hat)."

The full advert will air on the UK's ITV on Thursday, November 7 at 5:30 pm.