All the best responses to the 'bottle cap challenge' so far

All the best responses to the 'bottle cap challenge' so far

Ladies and gentlemen, there's a new viral challenge on the block, and we're happy to confirm it involves neither eating a plastic packet of laundry detergent, nor dousing yourselves in lighter fluid and immolating yourself.

No, the Bottle Cap Challenge is harmless, fun, and, believe it or not, actually takes some skill. The online trend dares you to effortlessly open the cap of a bottle with a single kick of your foot (no hands allowed) and it seems like every person on the internet is trying it at the moment. Think you could give it a go? Watch and learn!

The challenge began when Karo Pashikyan, an MMA fighter from Kazakhstan posted footage of himself smashing it:

Karo called out for John Mayer to complete the task, meaning it would be rude for the singer not to...

John then demanded Jason Statham step up to the plate - and boy, did he

American model Ashley Nocera was next up to the challenge

But the really impressive stuff was yet to come...

The #BottleCutChallenge was born

People began doing the #BottleCapChallenge with their eyes closed

That's not to say all were successful though...

In fact, some were disastrous

Can you do the #BottleCapChallenge?

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