Amazon is now selling a mini dinosaur waffle maker

Amazon is now selling a mini dinosaur waffle maker

Dinosaurs are great. Sure, they're fearsome, but if we've learned anything from the Jurassic Park movies, they're adorable too - just don't get too close or try to clone them from fossils.

And now, to celebrate all things dino, one company has created a mini dinosaur waffle maker. It's ideal if you're a parent looking to make breakfast time more fun and engaging for your kids!

Dinosaur waffle maker. Credit: Amazon / CucinaPro

Manufactured by a company named CucinaPro, the waffle maker is available for purchase on Amazon. It's nonstick and has the ability to make not only waffles but pancakes and flapjacks too.

Check out Twisted's recipe for Birds Eye waffles: 

The waffle maker's product description reads: "Delicious Novelty Waffler Iron for Kids AND Adults. The most creative waffler you'll ever use, and your kids will love it, too!"

"Pan cake Griddle will lighten up your mornings and add fun to your breakfast."


Dinosaur waffles. Credit: Amazon / CucinaPro

The waffle molds are in the shapes of the t-rex, pterodactyl, triceratops, brontosaurus, and stegosaurus.

A dinosaur waffle maker. Credit: Amazon / CucinaPro

And if the product reviews on Amazon are anything to go by, this dinosaur waffle maker is as good as it looks!

One happy parent wrote: "This is so fun! I have twin boys that love dinosaurs and so far I've made waffles (out of pancake mix) and I also tried mixing egg into stuffing and made little stuffing dinosaurs. Going to try brownies, cinnamon rolls, and who knows what else! Everything is more fun when it's dinosaur-shaped! I just wish the plates were removable for washing."

Dinosaur waffles. Credit: Amazon / CucinaPro

Another remarked: "I am so in love with it! Its [sic] hard to make kids eat healthy whole grain non-sweet etc. But in dino shape, they will eat literally anything. [Two] cups of dry ingredients were enough to feed [a] family of 5 in breakfast and in snack time. Nonstick surface works beautifully. Very happy customer."

So, if this dinosaur waffle maker sounds like the answer to you and your kids' dreams, it can be purchased on Amazon for the very reasonable price of $37.95.