Amazon is selling a heated folding chair just in time for winter

Amazon is selling a heated folding chair just in time for winter

Ah, the great outdoors. You can't beat it! Well, you can. Especially when the weather is chilly and even the prospect of seeing the Northern Lights isn't worth risking hypothermia for. But now Amazon has got your back in the form of a heated folding chair.

Perfect for any soccer moms and dads who want to show their support during the winter months - or anyone who wants to keep camping all year round. After all, when it's crisp and cold, the natural world can be just as beautiful as it is in the summer months.

A heated chair. Credit: Chaheati

Retailing for $119.99, the Chaheati Maxx Heated Chair might seem overpriced considering most foldable chairs cost a fraction of this, but once you discover what it can do, you'll almost certainly agree that it's worth every cent.

It's described by its maker Chaheati as an "all-season" chair as its temperature can be alternated between 100, 113 or 131 degrees Fahrenheit. In layman's terms, this equates to seven, four or two hours of warmth.

A heated chair without animations. Credit: Chaheati

Great news for outdoor enthusiasts whose lives are dictated by the ever-changing weather, which, as any of them will attest, is about as predictable as a toddler's emotions even in today's age of satellite forecasts.

Oh, and in case you're wondering, yes, even though it's heated, the chair is completely element resistant so no worries if you get caught in the rain.

The product description reads: "It's the only heated camping chair on the market that uses a patented woven heating technology rather than coils and a tidy lithium-ion rechargeable battery that lasts for hours."

A close up of features of a heated chair. Credit: Chaheati

But don't worry if you're partial to the cold but not an outdoor enthusiast, Aldi is also selling a super soft heated throw to keep you warm this winter. Oh, and don't worry about your pets either. Aldi has got you covered with its radiator cat bed.