Angry passenger goes on wild airport rampage after missing his flight

Angry passenger goes on wild airport rampage after missing his flight

Everyone knows that traveling is stressful. Missing luggage, forgotten tickets, and expired passports are all a recipe for anxiety-inducing fireworks at the airport. However, even when things do boil over, they are rarely as spectacular as what happened at Sheremetyevo International Airport in Moscow, when one passenger totally and completely lost the plot.

In a stunning video clip, a male passenger can be seen attempting to tear apart the flight desk piece by piece, before being tackled by security personnel.

Check out the alarming footage in the tweet below:

The Daily Mail reports that the mystery individual was allegedly reacting after he accidentally missed his flight due to an extended drinking session. After watching the clip, it’s not hard to imagine that alcohol may have played a part.

The footage begins with the man aiming a wild kick at a nearby sign, before slipping over onto his backside. This apparently did not help his mood. Leaping back to his feet, the traveler swoops under a barrier, before launching a fresh attack on a nearby computer and keyboard. Eventually, he succeeds in detaching the keyboard from the monitor and smashing it on the desk, to the bemusement of nearby passengers.

Although, it's not always the passengers causing trouble in airports. This is the moment an airport security agent handed a note to a passenger saying 'You Ugly':

Eventually, the tourist’s rampage is brought to a close by a group of airport officials who can be seen jogging towards him. Incredibly, their presence doesn’t automatically cause him to stop the destruction, as he makes a final lunge towards the computer. This leads to an angry security guard judo-throwing the man to the floor, which brings an end to proceedings. 

Although it’s not clear exactly what happened in the aftermath of the incident, The Mail reports that an airport spokesperson declared: "Due to the quick reaction of the airport security service, the intrusion was halted", and that the man has since been arrested for hooliganism.

However, it's not always anger that causes disgust amongst passengers. This passenger was caught controlling his entertainment system with his bare FEET: