Asda launches new gins that taste like Parma Violet, Lemon Sherbet and Pear Drops

Asda launches new gins that taste like Parma Violet, Lemon Sherbet and Pear Drops

The summer is upon us, and although the weather might not be particularly spectacular everywhere in the world, the changing of the seasons does usually mean that we switch our drinking habits too. Many beer drinkers will take the high temperatures as an invitation to switch from beers and ciders to a refreshing tipple of gin and tonic instead.

If that's your plan, then I have some good news for you. British supermarket chain Asda is apparently primed to release a bunch of exciting new flavours of gin in time for the summer, and they sound pretty damn exotic.

The new flavours are inspired by classic British sweets and include sherbet lemon, parma violets and pear drops. Not only that, but the new gins have been specially crafted by the retail giant's mixologists to feature a pleasing appearance in addition to their delicious taste.

For instance, the Lemon Sherbet and Pear Drop gins both have an especially shimmery exterior, while the Parma Violet flavour also turns from a purple hue to light pink colour when mixed with tonic.

As for mixers, Asda customers can choose between rhubarb soda with cardamom, lemonade with Sicilian lemon, soda water with a hint of Sicilian lemon, blood orange and rosemary tonic water, and pink grapefruit and peach tonic water. 

Commenting on the new gin flavours, ASDA's spirits product manager, Ed Sowerby stated: "Novelty, quality gins have become a summer must-have for customers looking to entertain with flair and flavour."

He added: "Working closely with our suppliers, we've created a range of gins which are both glitzy and gorgeous to look at, but also deliver popular flavours the nation knows and loves."

The gin bottles will launch as part of Asda's Extra Special range, retailing at £18 ($22.62) per 70cl bottle, with an ABV content of 40 per cent.

Why not pick yourself up some now?