Attention 90s kids: Planters Cheez Balls are back

Attention 90s kids: Planters Cheez Balls are back

As a bona-fide 90s kid in this Year of Our Lord 2019 (blasphemous as it may be), there are some things I wish stayed in the final decade of the 20th century. The Simpsons. Weezer. Will Smith. Movies (usually starring Will Smith) where the plot of the film is rapped back to you over the closing credits.

But one of the things I wish had come with me on this horrifying journey of life is a can or two Planters Cheez Balls. All through the early years of my life, I'd ruin many dinners and have justifiable temper tantrums over my consumption of the cheesy snacks, but ever since the mid-2000s, I was forced to resort to Cheetos and Doritos.

Remember this Cheez Balls commercial? They wouldn't get away with this today:

A good consolation, sure, but a consolation nonetheless.

But recently, more and more brands are acquiescing to the kind of temper tantrums I'd have when I was a kid (you kind of hope these people aren't the same age as me now), and finally, Planters have caved in to give the people what they want. 90s kids, it's time. Planters Cheez Balls are back. Let's make up for lost time.

Starting July 1 (not far away at all!) we can enjoy Planters Cheez Balls once more, bringing us back to a simpler time, so let's get out there and squirrel them away like we're preparing for nuclear war or some kind of societal collapse. Probably because we are! Even better, folks, Planters Cheese Curls are also on their way back, so I've got even more good news for you!

For now, the only places you can get the Balls of Cheez are Amazon and Walmart, but hopefully, before long, we'll be able to learn about wider releases. Be patient, folks. Planters Cheez Balls are so close now.