Baby girl with loads of hair lands deal with Pantene and the photos are adorable

Baby girl with loads of hair lands deal with Pantene and the photos are adorable

Babies are basically adorable. There's plenty to love about them - as long as you can hand them back to their parents when trouble starts brewing. However, one thing no one is really rating cuteness on is their hair, as most of the time there's barely any to find on their little heads.

But Chanco is no ordinary baby.

Chanco doesn't just have a full head of hair, she has a LOT of hair. Her hair is so big and beautiful that she's even managed to land a modelling contact with Pantene, and over 300,000 Instagram followers. Not bad for one-year-old.

She's recently made her television debut, as a model for Pantene Japan, starring in a cute digital short about her life. “Even when I was in my mommy’s tummy, I had lots of hair growing," television presenter Sato Kondo narrates in the animation, The Hairy Tale, which was shared by Pantene. “Sway, sway, swaying… just like seaweed under the ocean.”

Since she was born, Chanco had a full head of hair, and soon became a viral hit at just four months old, after her mother, Mami Kano, posted her first photo on Instagram.

Speaking to Inside Edition, the mother explained how Chanco is naturally photogenic:

“She loves it. When I point a camera to her, she immediately starts smiling.

“I started sharing pictures on Instagram because she was my first baby, and everyone kept asking me how hair baby girl is doing every day.

“She sometimes eats her own hair when she is eating her meal,” she added, claiming that a serious portion of her day is spent just blow-drying her little one's hair.

Whatever they're doing to maintain her beautiful locks - it's definitely paying off.