Bacon is the most important part of a full-English breakfast, study claims

Bacon is the most important part of a full-English breakfast, study claims

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so naturally, people have strong opinions about it. Now, Leonardo Hotels has conducted a survey of 2,000 UK adults to find out which part of a full-English breakfast is most popular. The result? Bacon.

The study shows that a full-English breakfast is, in fact, the most popular breakfast among those in the UK. To hell with overnight oats and avocado on toast. The following most-popular options include cereal, bacon sandwiches, and pastries. These rank high above less-traditional English breakfast options like yoghurt and granola or huevos rancheros.

A greasy spoon fry up. Credit: Getty

Though a full-English breakfast reigns supreme country-wide, certain cities have different opinions. The Leonardo Hotels website reads:

"People in Belfast (81%) chose pancakes as their favourite breakfast, while Liverpool (88%) and Plymouth (86%) just can’t get enough of bacon sandwiches. Elsewhere, cereal came out as the breakfast of choice for people in Cardiff (87%), Edinburgh (87%), Manchester (85%), Newcastle (87%) and Southampton (87%)."

Younger people are also shifting from the traditional breakfast, as 16-24-year-olds prefer pancakes, pastries, cereal, waffles, and smoothies all before a big spread.

But for those who remain loyal to the full-English, there are a few staples. Bacon, for starters, is the most-necessary component, as 69% of Brits require it on their plates. And we don't blame them. The salty, crisp (I like mine crisp) meat is a perfect way to start your morning.

full english study Credit: Leonardo Hotels

66% favour the sausage in the full-English breakfast, while  62% believe toast is the most crucial element. Baked beans, fried eggs, fried mushrooms (over grilled) and hash browns (instead of chips) are also fan-fvourites. And most people don't stop there. The Leonardo Hotels website reads:

"When it comes to sauce, it’s tomato ketchup (29%) that we’re reaching for, closely followed by brown sauce (23%). However, these aren’t the only sauces we’re adding to our fry-up. 5% of Brits would happily add BBQ sauce or mayonnaise to their Full English, while 3% would opt for chilli sauce."

Contemplating what to drink with your full-English? Most UK adults prefer fruit juice. But 69% of Brits love breakfast tea and 66% prefer white coffee. However, most women opt for breakfast tea (70%), while most men drink white coffee (68%). Espresso, black coffee, and earl grey tea all fall lower on the list.

british full english study Credit: Leonardo Hotels

If you're drinking alcohol with your brunch, you're not alone. 24% of the study participants like a bloody Mary with their breakfast, while 23% prefer bellinis and 18% like mimosas.

So next time you're wondering what to have to start your morning, take a cue from this survey and whip up the UK's most popular breakfast. Happy Feasting!