Barbie has released a doll in a wheelchair

Barbie has released a doll in a wheelchair

Mattel, the makers of Barbie, has released a black Barbie in a wheelchair in order to further the cause of diversity.

The brand has already made efforts towards the inclusion of traditionally marginalised groups with its hijab-wearing Barbie, released in November of 2017. And now Mattel has decided to take it a step further by launching a black barbie in a wheelchair, alongside a more traditional blonde-haired Barbie in a wheelchair.

barbie in wheelchair Credit: Mattel

Complete with a rolling wheelchair and a ramp, the barbie "has 22 ''joints'' across her neck, upper arms, elbows, wrists, torso, hips, upper legs, knees and ankles so she can comfortably sit and manoeuvre in her wheelchair."

This woman has the face of a Barbie and the body of an adonis: 

Considering how much certain groups in society yearn for better representation, it should come as no surprise that the move was met with a great deal of praise on Twitter.

"They made a barbie in a wheel chair [sic]," one person wrote. "I am not a fan of Barbie but the last ones that look different are alright and that one in a wheel chair I really had to get it."

"If you read the thread, it sounds like a Barbie in a wheel chair had previously existed but been discriminated at some point," another added. "Glad to see she’s back. - Everyone means every one [sic]."

"Christmas toy shopping today," one Twitter user shared. "Great to see @Barbie being more inclusive. My sister used a wheelchair as a child, and collected Barbie dolls. She would have LOVED this."

"Currently crying because @Barbie has this amazing doll in a wheelchair! All about that representation! #BridgeTheGap," wrote a fourth.

But the reaction to Mattel's recent stab at inclusivity wasn't entirely positive, with some commenting on certain "ableist" aspects of the move.

"So Mattel thinks it's okay to charge more for Barbie in a wheelchair? PLUS she gets posable arms while her walking counterparts have stiff board arms?" one disgruntled user wrote.

Another user complained about a particular Toys "R" Us store assigning the new exclusive barbie to the bottom shelf.

"Was @ #ToysRUs yesterday and saw this disgusting display of #Ableism in the #Mattel #Barbie aisle," they wrote. "Why TF is the @Barbie in the wheelchair singularly excluded to the bottom shelf?? She doesn't deserve to be disregarded just because of her #Disability."