'Beanbag onesies' are the newest weird invention you never knew you needed

'Beanbag onesies' are the newest weird invention you never knew you needed

The 21st century sure has turned out some truly *excellent* inventions, hasn't it? Smartphones, for starters, are pretty nifty. As are electric cars. And I guess all those new medical advances are kinda neat, too. But you know what the absolute triumph of this modern age of invention has been?

Beanbag onesies.

Yes, you read that correctly. Bean. Bag. Onesies.

The product is exactly what it sounds like: a onesie combined with a beanbag - or a beanbag combined with a onesie, whichever way you want to look at it. And it is GLORIOUS, despite its somewhat unconventional appearance.

When sitting down, the ensemble doesn't look too ridiculous. When stood up, however, it makes the wearer look sort of like a turtle whose shell has slipped down to its booty. Par exemple:

beanbag onesie Credit: ThinkGeek

But manufacturers ThinkGeek assures us they're actually highly practical. They've even listed a number of scenarios where the big-bottomed suit might come in handy:

"Getting your license renewed and don’t want to lose your place in line? Bean bag onesie. Crowded movie night at your friend's place with no place to sit? Bean bag onesie. Worried about snagging limited seating at the park? Not anymore. Bean bag onesie. Don't want to stand up to perform heart surgery? Actually… you might want to remain standing for that one. But you'll look amazing in a bean bag onesie."

Perhaps the most sensible use for the outfit, however, is simply lazing around at home.

beanbag onesie Credit: ThinkGeek

If you're into gaming, enjoy lounging around watching movies, or simply love curling up with a book for a few hours, there's really no better accessory to have than a onesie with built-in butt support.

And yeah, you'll look like a total weirdo - but you'll be the comfiest weirdo around.