Bizarre side-by-side yearbook quotes are going viral and the internet has some questions

Bizarre side-by-side yearbook quotes are going viral and the internet has some questions

It's got to that part of the year again when school is coming to an end for seniors, and that can only mean one thing: it's yearbook time! Well, and exam time. And worrying-about-college time. And considering-dropping-out-and-just-living-in-the-basement-forever time.

But yay, yearbooks!

While, to some, they might seem like a cheap souvenir to receive after a near 14 years of working your butt off, other people see yearbooks as their time to shine. They are, after all, a tool that people use in order to ensure that they are remembered in the way they want to be remembered - and some folks will go to great lengths to set their reputation in the best way possible by setting up elaborate senior pics and spending months working on some deep philosophical quote to go along with them.

Others, meanwhile, just get straight-up weird with it. Take these guys, for instance:

Twitter user @priscizavalaa posted the image this week with the caption, "Daisy livin", apparently drawing attention to her friend's subtly risque yearbook quote.

The text under her headshot reads, "You don't realize life hits you until it's running down your face", which, at first, might seem innocent enough, but is actually an allusion to something, uh - what's the term? - pretty damn filthy. I won't take the time to explain it to you if the reference has gone over your head, but just read it a couple of times and you'll get why it's ever so slightly NSFW.

Anyway, after a short while, other people joined the discussion - but they seemed more concerned by Carlos Garcia's nonsensical ramblings.

It says: "Goats are like mushrooms, if you shoot a duck, I'm scared of toasters." Yes, you read that correctly.

Unsurprisingly, the questions soon came pouring in, with thousands of people needing to know what the heck Carlos was on about (or just, you know, whether or not he was alright).

"That quote made no sense at all. He went on 3 different topics at once," said one user.

"Is Carlos ok?" asked another.

Meanwhile, some other Twitter users became fixated on Carlos' excellent smirk.

Eventually, someone figured out that Carlos' bizarre quote was actually a word-for-word copy of a strange meme that surfaced around 2012 (which, by internet standards, is basically ancient). It still makes no sense, of course, but at least we know now what he was talking about.

Somehow, though, this made people even more opinionated about the matter, with one person commenting: "Why would you dare make me bring this meme back to the annals of the internet ?!?!? YOU THINK I CAN EXPLAIN THIS TO YOU WHY PEOPLE FOUND IT FUNNY 2 YEARS AGO????? no I can’t."

And while all this was going on, it seems that a lot of people headed over to Daisy Garcia's Twitter in order to message her about her sneaky yearbook quote.

Honestly, after all that, I still have some questions. Who was vetting these quotes, for instance? Why didn't Garret say anything? Who's the person at the top right that quoted Patrick Star? Why pick that meme?

Unforunately, I guess we'll never know.