Black server called 'N-word' in food order sent by coworker

Black server called 'N-word' in food order sent by coworker

A black restaurant server has been left offended and upset after his coworkers sent him a food order with "N***a Order" written on it. But when the 21-year-old student confronted his manager about the ticket, they brushed it off as a "joke".

In an Instagram post on Tuesday, Rakevion White, revealed that the incident had occurred on October 22 at the Arizona Breakfast Club branch. Rakevion stated that the stunt was orchestrated by two of his coworkers, who were allowed to get away with the slur because management believed they were "only joking".

Servers have to put up with their fair share of disrespect, as this footage show:

The Arizona State University student said:

"Hey everybody, This ticket order was sent into to me by two of my coworkers on October 22nd at the Breakfast Club- Cityscape. Apparently this was a hysterical joke about myself that everyone including management thought was ok because the two employees were “Only joking”.

"Now I’ve been called way worse in my life but if you know me, one thing I don’t do is tolerate disrespect. But my employer allowed me to disrespected and humiliated by my coworkers.

"Almost 4 weeks later no disciplinary action has been taken against the two employees. Furthermore, since this has taken place not only myself but other black employees hours have been reduced and they have not let us serve as waiters. For future references please be mindful of the companies that you support!"

Speaking to BuzzFeed News, Rakevion revealed that since raising the issue with management, he has had his shift hours reduced and he has only been assigned to work one shift as a server - effectively preventing him from earning tips. He said: "They're making light of the situation and pretty much still allowing it to go on."

White, who has been working at the Phoenix restaurant for over eight months, recalled the events of his October 22 shift, revealing that he had been working on the kitchen line as a server assistant when he noticed a new order appear on the kitchen line screen. He told BuzzfeedNews:

"It pretty much lets me know that another order had come in for me to fulfill or whatnot, and so that's when I saw the order and it said 'Ni**a Order' on it."

Rakevion is certain the message was aimed at him, as he was the only person working in that area of the restaurant at the time. After receiving the ticket, White decided to confront a coworker who was serving the bar where the order had been placed and asked her to remove it:

"I asked her if she could take the order down or change the name because I was offended by it and I was upset that she was sending something in like that to me, and she said that she didn’t know how to take it down."

White added that his request was met with laughter, which "pretty much disregarded how [he] felt about it."

This Maryland was caught on camera using the slur to describe a group of black men:

After deciding it would be best to raise the issue with his manager, Rakevion learned that a second coworker had been involved in entering the order. But to his shock, White was told by management that "it was more than likely a joke."

He added: "It made me feel uncomfortable because it’s like, OK, well, you're pretty much saying it's acceptable, but since they explained to you that they were joking, then I should be OK with it."

Since having his hours cut and his role changed, White has revealed that he is struggling to make money to cover his University costs. Meanwhile, the two employees involved in the ticket only received write-ups in their employee files.

Since White's story broke, Breakfast Club's have taken to Instagram to explain their reasons for not firing the other staff members.

They stated that employees' conduct was "crude, insensitive, and deeply hurtful", and although they are willing to give them a second chance, they will not be given them a third.