Blogger celebrates breast implant removal with topless photo on Instagram

Blogger celebrates breast implant removal with topless photo on Instagram

The pressure that our society places on people - particularly women - to adhere to impossibly high beauty standards is colossal.

No longer merely confronted with airbrushed images of near-perfection in the pages and front covers of glossy magazines, we're now challenged with improbably toned washboard abs and million dollar smiles every time we look at our phones and scroll through the filtered corridors of Instagram.

Yet there're people who are trying to change this damaging paradigm of internet body goals.

This teenage influencer got a plastic surgeon to verify that her butt is real:

Movements like the body positivity movement, which is inspiring women to embrace the skin they're in, and the 'Grombré' trend, which encourages people to embrace their grey hair, are certainly helping to mitigate the technicolour, photoshopped part-reality that our online lives now represent.

Yet the sentiment remains, that even amongst the celebrities we so idolise, we're often being sold a myth of what we could look like.

But Sia Cooper, who blogs about motherhood and fitness through her Instagram account diaryofafitmommyofficial has taken to Instagram to share an important message with her followers regarding breast implants, warning that "the grass isn't always green with bigger boobs."

Writing on her popular Instagram page, Cooper told her followers;

"ONE YEAR EXPLANT ANNIVERSARY. I cannot believe it’s been one freaking year since I removed my breast implants. Last year, I found myself on what honestly felt like the verge of death. I was 29 feeling like I was trapped in an 80 year old’s body. I was sleeping 12-14 hours a day with little to no energy to workout. My back and neck hurt daily. My hair was falling out in clumps. I was experiencing autoimmune symptoms such as joint pain and muscle weakness which prevented me from lifting weights. My skin started to turn scaly and dry. I gained weight no matter what I did and has random chest pains that would stop my breath. After no answers from doctors and negative blood test results, I decided to consider the two large foreign objects inside of my body. I took a gamble and chose to remove them.

"Within a day, the color returned to my face and my skin started producing oil again. I could take a deep breath for the first time in 7 years.

"Within a month, I dropped 7lbs and got the energy back of a 20 year old.

"Within a year, most of my symptoms are either gone or improved.

"Since my surgery, the FDA has admitted that ALL breast implants can cause cancer as well as autoimmune disorder symptoms-something my plastic surgeon failed to mention.

"I encourage you all to stay informed and to do your own research. The FDA isn’t always truthful and the cosmetic surgery is a billion industry that preys on the insecurities of women.

"Removing my implants has taught me to life myself and my body more than ever. I mean, the grass isn’t always green with bigger boobs.

"Huge thanks to @breast_implant_illness and my doctor @jchunmd1.

#breastimplantillness #explant#explantsurgery #breastimplants"

Watch a conversation with this plastic surgery addict, who is concerned her butt implants will explode:

This summer, the BBC reported that the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons said that women having breast implants should be warned about a condition which is linked to chronic pain and extreme fatigue.