Bride forced to buy second wedding dress after monumental online shopping blunder

Bride forced to buy second wedding dress after monumental online shopping blunder

A bride has apparently been forced to buy a second wedding dress after an online shopping misunderstanding left her scrambling before her big day.

The Metro reports that the That’s It I’m Wedding Shaming Facebook group, had a poster, who told us the story of one of their friends who had tried to buy a wedding dress online, after spotting an incredible-looking gown on the web, but the reality of the dress was a far cry from the expectation.

Wedding Dress Fail Credit: Facebook

"Shared with permission from this gorgeous gal, although I’ve removed her face as a courtesy. Left is what she ordered. Right is what she received. She found a new dress and it all turned out OK, but what an online shopping FAIL! Poor lovely gal," said the Facebook post.

And while the bride was unfortunate in her disappointing bridal dress, the Facebook comments were brutal. "Do not order online from non-reputable designers, not for your wedding dress. A bathing suit or everyday wear? Sure give them a shot then but not your wedding dress!" said one Facebook comment.

Bridal dress fail comments Credit: Facebook

"I have no sympathy for people who order their dress online. You know the risk at this point," added another, while some had some notes for potentially making the dress better, saying that the dress was certainly salvageable with a bit of nude lining and the removal of the chest padding.

"This isn't a COMPLETE disaster. Line the bodice, add a petticoat, maybe sew on some lace along the hem," said one such comment, but the big take-home from this is that you shouldn't try to cut corners with something as important as your wedding dress.

Bridal dress comments Credit: Facebook

"And there’s a reason people pay thousands for wedding dresses. If it were possible to get a good one for 20 bucks everyone would," came the sage advice from one wise commenter.