Bride savagely mocked online over engagement ring that looks like 'a squirt of mayo'

Bride savagely mocked online over engagement ring that looks like 'a squirt of mayo'

When it comes to what is supposed to be the most important day of your life, people go to all kinds of lengths to ensure no expense is spared. From acquiring the perfect dress to sourcing bridesmaid dresses, it's not the easiest to keep everyone, including yourself and your significant other, satisfied.

In other news, this woman was mocked for planning her wedding without a groom: 

One woman found this out the hard way when a photograph of her engagement ring found its way onto the Facebook group, That's it, I'm Ring Shaming.

The ring, which reportedly belonged to the unidentified woman's great-grandmother, was, admittedly, rather unconventional. It featured a white shape in the form of an "S" sitting the centre of an oval frame in a 14k gold band.

"I love it so much," the woman said of her engagement ring, but it quickly transpired that others did not feel the same way. One person took to the comments to write that it was a "blob ring", and that it "looks like a swan".

Other people, however, thought it resembled various condiments. "It looks like a squirt of mayo," wrote one Facebook user, while another corroborated "Looks like a squirt of aioli."

A third added that it "looks like toothpaste", and another simply wrote "it's semen".

Credit: Facebook / That's it, I'm Ring Shaming

Luckily, this bride wasn't the only to be lambasted for her ring choice on the Facebook group lately. Previous appendages have been described as a "prolapsed butthole", and another reportedly resembled a "jewel encrusted speculum". How delightful, eh?

In other news, an incensed bride-to-be took to Reddit to slam her fiancé after he "saved up" to buy her a "tiny" engagement ring.

In the post shared to the discussion website, the woman detailed that she and her partner had been together for eight years, and had been "talking about getting married for almost three years" before he popped the question.

However, she was less than impressed by her partner's choice of ring, which she deemed to be "tiny".

reddit Credit: Reddit / P-u-m-p-t-i-n-i

"We been together for eight years and talking about getting married for almost three," she wrote. "This is the ring he said he saved up to buy me. Am I being shady or materialistic if I tell this mf ion want this little a** ring [sic]?"

She also posted a picture of the ring, which featured a thin gold band, with a small diamond set just above the base.

After posting the image of her engagement ring, the unidentified woman - believed to hail from UK - proceeded to ask Reddit whether she was "justified" in her disappointment. And it's safe to say that the reactions were mixed.

Some Reddit users questioned whether it was a "diamond for ants", with one person writing "I think I'd be more insulted to be given this ring than no ring at all," while another corroborated "Like, just skip the ring altogether if you can't afford it. That's just embarrassing".