Bride-to-be sparks debate after 'aggressive' wedding invites demand guests save $4,000

Bride-to-be sparks debate after 'aggressive' wedding invites demand guests save $4,000

Weddings are pretty stressful affairs for those that have to actually organise them. It's not just the monumental expenses or figuring out the location, catering and decoration suitable for your dream day, but so much of your time is spent making it work for the guests too.

At the end of the day, it's the two people getting married who really matter, but there's a lot of family and friends to satisfy on the big day - many of which won't be able to come if their requirements aren't met.

For instance, you don't want to situate the event too far away from your friends and family, otherwise you're not going to get the high attendance you're looking for. But there are definitely better ways to go about it than what this bride-to-be did.

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One woman has been criticised after she sent out her save the date cards featuring a long list of demands for all her guests to fulfil if they wanted to make it to her wedding. Not only will they have to fork out $5,000 just to get to the wedding, taking place in South East Asia, but they'll have to take two weeks off work too. One person who was invited to the wedding decided to share the invite on Facebook, calling the bride-to-be "aggressive" for expecting so much.

"The wedding will be held over in an Asian country (Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, etc)," the invite started off. "One of the above we haven't decided."

"The flights over range from 10 to 13 hours long, usually costing from $500 to $1,100 (total departure and return flights). Depends on when you book. You will need at least two weeks off... one week is too short for how long the flights are.

"Only 2-3 days for the wedding festivities, but the rest of the time is yours to do and go on whatever adventures you like. You will need approximately $4,000 to $5,000 or more if you desire. That includes hotels, food, drink, daily adventures, scooter rentals. Just good to have a safe buffer of money. (you will not spend all of this...) '(all depends on what holiday you want) It is very cheap over there, your dollar goes a long way.

"Think all of this over... I know you all will really love it over there. If you want to attend start saving your pennies now!"

Credit: Facebook

Since it got uploaded, the bride has been slated by plenty of users online. Considering a lot of people don't even want to have too long a drive to get to a wedding, it's not surprising that people were outraged by her requests.

"I'd tell her to shove her wedding. That's just rude," one wrote, while another said, “She might not even need a venue after those ‘save the dates’, as it might just be her and the hubby."

The couple did look like they were trying something a little different for their invites this time around, but this definitely wasn't the right way to do it.