Brilliant pillow lets you take a nap at the office whenever you want

Brilliant pillow lets you take a nap at the office whenever you want

A brilliant new pillow has been developed which lets you take a nap at the office whenever you want.

This is excellent news for anyone (myself included) who has spent the night before work desperately tossing and turning, only to get barely a wink of sleep. Responsible enough to turn up bleary-eyed, with a pillow like this, we can now get a much-needed lunchtime nap.

Watch the advert for the Ostrich Pillow below:

Manufactured by a company known as Ostrich Pillow, the pillow is described as an "immersive napping pillow", and it contains holes that allow you to get your head and hands snug in just about any environment.

The company got its name from ostriches, which are known to bury their heads in the sand to get forty winks.

"[Ostrich Pillow] started with a simple idea: make it easy, and normal, to get the sleep you need (even if that means napping at your desk)," says the brand.

"With the support of a community of dreamers and several successful Kickstarter campaigns, we made that dream come true. And that was only the beginning."

A desk pillow. Credit: Ostrich Pillow

If this sounds like the pillow of your dreams and the office napping solution you've been waiting for, the Ostrich Pillow will set you back a reasonable $80.69 (£62).

One happy customer wrote: "I bought the Ostrich Pillow as a gift for a friend who is coping with a long-term concussion. So far, it has been helpful to him in his recovery, not to mention also being extremely stylish."

Another remarked: "Although it may be a little bulky to pack well, it is extremely comfortable to wear for a long flight."

A pillow that lets you nap anywhere. Credit: Ostrich Pillow

A third wrote: "A little obsessed is probably accurate. Thought it would be funny, but I'm sold. Usually using it at home when I need some tune out time."

A fourth added: "I bought this pillow for long-haul flights and love it! It is comfy and on top, it gives you a little bit of privacy when being packed into a crowd of strangers around you. Never bang your head on the airplane wall again!"

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to ask HR if they can buy a few of these out of necessity!