Burns survivor allows her crush to take off her wig and makeup so he could see her 'true self'

Burns survivor allows her crush to take off her wig and makeup so he could see her 'true self'

A burns survivor, who had been left with scarring all over her face and body and who had lost her hair due to her injuries, has let her crush remove her make-up and wig in an emotional video that has since gone viral on YouTube.

Shalom Nchom, 22, posted the video onto her channel in the hope that by revealing her "true" self, she'd be able to inspire others to feel more confident about themselves.

Shalom, who currently has 923,000 subscribers on the video sharing platform, was badly burnt at the age of nine in her native home of Nigeria. She suffered her injuries when a pot of hot oil fell on her and her sister in her mother's grocery store. As a result, she lost most of her hair and has been left with scars on her shoulders, chest and face, which she usually covers up with make-up.

Shalom spent four months in hospital after the accident before being brought to the US by her aunt, who also brought Shalom's mother and sister with her as well.

In the vloggers latest video, she explains that she got the feeling that her aunt found her face "so horrendous" that she was worried whether her niece would ever find a man who would be willing to marry her.

As years went by, Shalom struggled to deal with her appearance and was the victim of bullying. But, not one to back down, she began to challenge herself to embrace her appearance.

In the video, Shalom states:

"I started really wanting to work on myself and to be comfortable and confident because I wanted to feel free."

"I wanted to be able to do whatever I wanted. I wanted to be able to wear clothes that I want to wear. I used to be in long sleeves 24/7 because of my scars."

In her latest challenge, she decided to record a video with fellow YouTuber J Cook and asked him to use makeup wipes in order to remove her makeup and allowed him to remove her wig.

"I basically wanted to challenge myself to strip my make-up in front of somebody that I might be a little crushing on, you know? I think he’s cute."

The Vlogger decided to undertake the challenge after revealing that some commenters had suggested that she was "catfishing" people by deceiving them through wearing a wig an makeup. In the comments, people would say that a man would be disappointed to wake up next to Shalom without her wig and makeup.

However, while Shalom may receive some abuse in the comments, J can be heard gushing praise on the woman, saying: "I like the scars, and they’re soft. This is dope. I feel honoured to be able to do something like this."

He then gets onto his knees and gently removes her wig, revealing her bald skull: "Oh, that’s dope. I have to give you a hug."

The YouTuber goes on to say how proud of herself she is and has revealed that she has already planned her next challenge: going out in public without a wig.

YouTube is undoubtedly an extremely powerful platform in society and people like Shalom are using it for good. If only there were more vloggers like her!