Bus driver deliberately slams on brakes to send child flying into windshield

Bus driver deliberately slams on brakes to send child flying into windshield

"Hail to the bus driver, bus driver, bus driver. Hail to the bus driver, bus driver-man. He screams and he cusses, he rams other buses" - these playful lyrics of this popular folk song have perhaps never been applicable than to this story from Mesa, Arizona.

A school bus driver in Arizona has been arrested for reportedly admitted to slamming on his brakes in an act of frustration, sending a boy flying into the bus windshield, ABC13 has reported.

KTVK reported that 50-year-old Jamie Tellez screamed and cursed at one of young passengers after they had thrown trash at the front of the bus. The onboard security camera then captures the moment Tellez angrily slams on the brakes, bringing the bus to a sudden stop and sending another young boy flying into the windshield.

The impact was so hard that the windscreen reportedly cracked, as the boy was sent home with head and hip injuries, court documents stated.

You can see the upsetting footage in the video below:

Following the sudden stop, the driver can then be seen grabbing the boy off the floor and flinging the child behind him.

Court records state that the driver shouted at the child: "I'm going to (expletive) knock the (expletive) out of you." Fortunately, the boys were let off the bus a short while later at their stop without any further incidents.

Following the disturbing act, Tellez was arrested by police and later admitted to purposely braking the vehicle. Officers charged him on counts of child abuse, threatening, reckless driving, and endangerment. He was eventually released from Maricopa County Jail on his own recognizance, but has been ordered to wear a monitoring device.

Per KTVK, Mesa Public Schools have since placed Tellez on unpaid leave and state that he has been "recommended for termination".