Cinnamon Swirl donuts from Krispy Kreme capture Christmas in delicious donut form

Cinnamon Swirl donuts from Krispy Kreme capture Christmas in delicious donut form

On the whole, Christmas is a time that's pretty much synonymous with eating some good food. Let's forget about the turkey and the stuffing for a second; in the holiday season, the sweet treat situation is off the hook. Not only do we have plenty of minced pies and chocolate Santas, but we've got all the food brands vying for your tastebuds over Thanksgiving and Christmas, and we're pretty glad to give them all the time they want, don't you think?

Cookies, hot chocolate, ice cream, but one sugary sweet thing we don't often talk about with the holidays are donuts. They're good with coffee and if you want a particularly delectable breakfast, but you don't really picture yourself biting into a donut in front of a fire, as Christmas carols ring out throughout the house.

Christmas Donuts Credit: Krispy Kreme

Well, until now folks: Krispy Kreme are here to change your perceptions about donuts not being a winter food. You just haven't had one of their holiday donuts, is all. Come November 16 (that's tomorrow, folks!), you can get one of three festive donuts to help ring in the holidays. Isn't that awesome?

"But how do you make a donut festive?" is a question I'll assume you're asking for the sake of this article. Otherwise, we'd all just have to go home. The answer's... pretty complicated, as we'll soon see with these delicious-sounding festive efforts for this year's Krispy Kreme holiday menu!

Donut Credit: Krispy Kreme

First up: we've got the Cinnamon Swirl donut - part donut, part cinnamon roll, all delicious dessert for you. Imagine the original recipe glazed donut you've come to love from Krispy Kreme, but tossed in a giant bowl of cinnamon sugar, and then topped with ribbons of cream cheese and cinnamon icing. But wait - hold your drool, we've got more to get through.

Next up, here for a limited time and gone before Black Friday, the Pumpkin Spice original donut will be here at the same time as our Cinnamon Swirl up there, but fast forward a week later, and will be lost to us forever (if, by forever, we mean next year).

We've also got another debutant in the Ugly Sweater, which isn't as hideous as it perhaps sounds. It's dipped in green icing, with a dash of confetti, plus lots of reindeer and penguin candies to really give it a tacky look, but tasty feel. But wait, we're not done you guys. Yep, keep holding your drool, folks - we've got just one more donut I'd like to talk about.

Gingerbread donut Credit: Krispy Kreme

Say hello to the Gingerbread glazed donut. Or rather, say welcome back - this ring of spiced gingerbread and cinnamon dough coated in a warm gingerbread molasses glaze has already graced the Krispy Kreme menu. Plus, from right now until Christmas Eve, you can enjoy old favourites like the choco creme-filled Santa Belly, the Holiday Plaid, as well as the chocolate iced ring donut.

In this festive season, it's time to go nuts with donuts. Krispy Kreme is where to go.