Company giving away sex toys to women stuck in self-isolation

Company giving away sex toys to women stuck in self-isolation

It's no secret that plenty of us are struggling to find ways to keep ourselves entertained during the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.

With most of us having limited contact with people - other than those we already live with - and with many establishments being subject to lockdown, it's difficult to know what to do with ourselves. And naturally, some people might find themselves becoming frustrated if they don't live with a partner.

Fortunately, one Canadian company thinks it knows how it can help women, in particular, feel satisfied while they continue to self-quarantine.

Bellesa Enterprises, a sex toy company based in Montreal, is now giving away thousands of sex toys to women who are self-isolating amid the pandemic.

Per the Metro, the company, which was founded in February 2017, started with 1,500 toys on 17 March and has been sending more since then.

According to the Metro, Chief Strategy Officer of Bellesa Enterprises Jason Elman, 27, said that the idea behind the move was to keep everyone home while coronavirus cases continue to soar and ensure they're happy doing so.

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The company - which describes itself as a "premier destination for all things female sexuality" on their Instagram page - specializes in female-centered products are offering x-rated films, vibrators, and other toys.

According to Elman, sales at Bellesea Boutique have shot up by 87 percent compared to March 2019, adding that this happened as a result of the coronavirus outbreak.

Over 100,000 have signed up to receive a gift, Bellesea Boutique said, adding that they are unable to give that many toys away but that buyers could also receive a $25 gift card.

Elman also explained that, like many people across the world, employees at Bellesea are having to work from home - and I'm they plan on enjoying their time in isolation!