Costco is now selling a massive strawberry cream cheese cake

Costco is now selling a massive strawberry cream cheese cake

2019 has been a gargantuan year in the already over-crowded market of festive produce.

Aldi has been a leading light in all things Christmas-inspired, releasing a plethora of interesting and unusual offerings, including a two-metre pig in blanket said to be the longest piece of meat in the United Kingdom, a Harry Potter advent calendar, a wine advent calendar and a shimmery candy cane flavour gin liqueur.

Next came green Grinch-inspired holiday cookies from Nestle Toll House, and this truly extraordinary Buddy-the-Elf Christmas wreath:

Credit: Etsy

Now, as we all know, Costco is no stranger to massive desserts. I mean, who could possibly forget this colossal donut covered in sprinkles, pink icing and M&M's. The giant creation tipped the scales at a truly monstrous 900 grams. In fact, the donuts are so massive that several commentators suggested that they might make an excellent substitute for a birthday cake.  

And now, popular Instagram account Costco Buys has brought news of a new creation - a massive strawberry cream cheesecake. They wrote;

"Guys, check out this new two layer white cake topped with strawberries and cream cheese icing I found at Costco! 😍😋This must be brand new at the bakery since this is my first time seeing it...I CAN’T WAIT to try! 🤤 ($12.99, item no. 1400757)"

And just look at it:

And people who've already tried it have been remarking on just how delicious it is. "Had it today at my work Xmas party!! So good," wrote one enthusiastic commenter, while another added, "Got it over the weekend. Absolutely delish".

Love cheesecake? Check out our very own recipe for a giant apple crumble cheesecake:

As Costco Buys notes, the cheesecake will set you back roughly $12.99, and personally I think it looks like a the perfect centrepiece for a Christmas gathering.

Lastly, as Delish notes, bakery items tend to vary from location to location, so call ahead to your local store to avoid disappointment.