Costco is now selling gigantic 7-pound buckets of Nutella

Costco is now selling gigantic 7-pound buckets of Nutella

Is there such a thing as too much Nutella?

Well, clearly the answer is 'yes', if you want to avoid slipping into a sugar-induced stupor, but if you love the hazelnut chocolate spread more than life itself, then the news that Costco is now selling enormous 7-pound tubs of Nutella.

Nutella is always there for you, isn't it?

A Nutella discount lead to chaos in France:

It's there in the bleak times when you need comforting, it's there on those sunny weekend mornings when you decide to treat yourself with a sweet breakfast.

Nutella basically goes with anything sweet, and so perhaps it isn't so unreasonable that someone might want a gigantic 7-pound tub of the stuff.

Per USA Today, the tub is three times larger than the previous largest jar available at Costco, which clocked in at 33.5 ounces.

Credit: Costco

That means, if you follow the two tablespoon serving size, you'll get a remarkable 81 servings out of the massive tub. That's a lot of pancake breakfasts.

You can order the Nutella bucket online, or pop into your local store - though be warned, if you're planning on hauling it home you're in for something of a workout.

And in other Nutella-related news, it was recently announced that a Nutella-themed hotel would be opening later this year. Hotella Nutella, as the new pop-up has been dubbed, features a “Nutella Breakfast Dinner” created by Iron Chef judge Geoffrey Zakarian, as well as a “Savory Soul Food Brunch” with chef Tanya Holland that mixes Southern breakfast staples with Nutella.  This will be augmented by a session with professional pancake artists Dancakes, an artistic couple who make a living “perform(ing) live pancake art around the world.”

According to the Official Rules section of the competition website, the three grand prizes up for grabs include:

“Round-trip coach air transportation for Winner and one (1) travel companion; Accommodations for 3 days/2 nights at Hotella Nutella; Round-trip ground transportation between airport and Hotella Nutella; One-of-a-kind creative breakfast experiences with notable tastemakers.”

Nutella: it really is ubiquitous.