Couples are sharing photos of how much they look alike, and people are totally shaken

Couples are sharing photos of how much they look alike, and people are totally shaken

There's a common belief that, when people are searching for their soulmate, it's "opposites" that attract most. However, after a recent conversation thread went viral on Twitter, it's transpired that a lot of folks out there are drawn to other halves that look almost identical to them.

It all started when Junior Sandres, who goes by the Twitter handle @jrsandres, posted this rather adorable picture of himself and his girlfriend:

For anyone who didn't know these two were dating, it'd be very easy to mistake them for brother and sister. They have the same smiles, same eyes, same face shape - heck, I'd believe them if they told me they were twins.

And the similarities didn't end there.

"What’s crazy is we have so much in common," said Sandres. "Same exact music taste, same eye sight (I wear her glasses when I lose mine) same teeth same mom wow tell me that isn’t crazy."

But some people weren't as shocked as others when they found out that Junior and his doppelganger were dating. As it turns out, there are tons of couples who frequently get mistaken for relatives instead of romantic partners - and some of them contributed their selfies to prove that.

"Yes [I swear to God], people say me and my boo look alike i don’t see it," wrote Twitter user, @HeyItzJane_, who shared this picture:

"10/10 can relate," added @alicelunesz, who shared some adorable snaps of herself and her girlfriend. "Definitely my soulmate & definitely not related."


"It gets even weirder learning our stories & timelines of stuff but yeah, not related at all lmao," @alicelunesz replied.

They were then joined by user @pmaz_, who posted this cute pic of himself and his partner:

And then @amaniec_ rocked up to share a picture of herself, her partner, and their little one. "We had a baby... so now we all look like siblings," she joked.

As similar as all the other couples may look, though, none of them quite hold up to the uncanny likeness that Junior and his girlfriend share.

It just goes to show, then, that sometimes it isn't always differences that draw people together. On the contrary, in fact, it might just be the similarities.

However, if you do find yourself in a situation like any of these couples have going on, you should prepare yourself for the inevitable "are you sure you guys aren't related?" line of questioning that all of them seem to have received in the comments. And the suspicious glances. And, no doubt, the horrified looks they must get if anyone catches them showing any affection in public.

But - similar or not - all of these loved-up couples seem perfectly happy with one another, and that matters more than any physical features ever could.