Creepy air freshener that 'smells like schoolgirls' sells out in Japan

Creepy air freshener that 'smells like schoolgirls' sells out in Japan

A Japanese company has invented a new type of car air freshener that has sold out this week, and supposedly smells just like a teenage schoolgirl.

Schoolgirls, typically dressed in the traditional ''sailor'' garb, are something of a cultural phenomenon in Japan: typically due to anime and manga heroines being of high school age. However, now a Japanese Twitter user's post about a schoolgirl-themed air freshener has gone viral.

A so-called 'schoolgirl cafe' in Japan has also sparked fears about child exploitation:

According to British tabloid newspaper The Sun, the pictures of the air freshener product were first shared by a teenager called Hiraoka, who allegedly bought the product online and then used it in his mom's car.

Hiraoka captioned the pics: "My mum was in the passenger seat when she said, 'Did you give a ride to a young girl recently?' When I told her it was this air freshener she said: 'You’re a weirdo.' lol. So that means this air freshener is really good. [sic]"

He shared a picture of the product's, with a description that read: "The Smell When You Give a Ride to a High School Girl in the Passenger Seat." Hiraoka claims that the product was purchased at an adult goods store, where it is now sold out.

This story comes not long after a Japanse brand of fried chicken bento box was discovered online, which allegedly involved fermented soybeans, to make them smell like feet in an attempt to appeal to foot fetishists.

Per Sora News 24, The so-called ''Girls Sole Karaage'' was a creative collaboration between the masked idol singer group Kamen Joshi and the Japanese takeout chain Tenka Torimasu, and was sold at the reasonable price of just 400 yen (US$3.60) per smell box.