Crystal freckles are the latest beauty trend for 2020

Crystal freckles are the latest beauty trend for 2020

Maybe in the past, people would be teased for having freckles. Yet as adults would always tell you, you'll grow love them as you get older.

Freckles aren't a blemish. They're something beautiful that more and more people are learning to celebrate in the name of body positivity.

But in 2020, people are taking their freckles to a whole new dimension. Some people are enhancing their current freckles and taking them to the next level, while other folks with clear skin are actually adding a unique kind of cosmetic freckle to their complexion.

What am I talking about? An eye-catching type of tiny facial jewel called 'Crystal Freckles' which can be applied to the face to give you an extra little sparkle.

The trend has been doing the rounds on YouTube and Instagram since 2017. But it's recently seen something of a resurgence among the beauty-blogging communities on social media.  has really gathered speed in the last few months with beauty influencers loving the chance to bling up their usual look.

In a recent interview with Allure, Makeup artist for New York Fashion Week Autumn 2019 Show Erin Parsons talked about how she utilized the trend to give her catwalk models a bit of extra glam.

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Parsons stated: "It sparkles and shines just like the clothes this season. I wanted to create it like a veil. Whenever I do stones I usually do them very organically. It almost feels like freckles or beauty marks."

So there you have it: it looks as though Crystal Freckles are going to be a more environmentally-friendly alternative to glitter, and we can expect to see lots of people trying them out come festival season this year.