Customer demands money back after discovering tattoo artist is convicted felon but the shop's response is perfect

Customer demands money back after discovering tattoo artist is convicted felon but the shop's response is perfect

While some people would say that no one deserves a second chance, for others, they do. When convicts finish their time in prison, the outside world can often be an intimidating and confusing place. Generally speaking, society isn't geared up to help convicts re-integrate into the world and they are often left repeating the cycle of crime and incarnation.

However, some businesses do help people come out of prison and settle back into society. And, more often than not, they are a success. But, for some people, the taboo surrounding former convicts is still something that they struggle with.

Take this one customer, for instance. Appearing on Reddit, user Hdalby33 shared an exchange between a tattoo parlour and a customer who took issue with the fact that one of the artists is a former convict.

In a message to the shop, the customer asked for their deposit back and a "10% inconvenience fee":

"Hello. I would like to cancel my appointment and receive my deposit back, as well as a 10% inconvenience fee.

"I was not made aware during my consultation that Bradley is convicted felon. I do not want any prison monkey putting a permanent thing on my body. Thanks."

Understandably, the shop was not impressed by the message, with them clapping back with an absolutely savage response in which they ripped apart the original message.

"You want US to refund your deposit + pay an "inconvenience fee?" Deposits are non-refundable.

"You are correct he is a convicted felon. He was convicted 20 years ago. Served 13 years. Has since gained his rights back. Is an outstanding member of the community.

"On top of owning the shop, we do charity work, donate money to research funds, speak with convicts and assist them with getting back on their feet.

"From the bottom of my heart f**k you. "I came up from nothing, you can't tell me S**T! You're barred from the shop. Don't come back."

The post has gone viral on Reddit, with plenty of people praising the shop for their response, with one user revealing that their uncle runs a scheme for convicts that helps them re-integrate into society. Reddit user futhee, said:

"My uncle, bless him, is an engineer with his own successful firm and he almost exclusively hires people who have spent time in prison.

"When I first heard this as a teenager, I thought he was a lunatic. Then I spent some time at his office many years ago.

"He loves helping his employees become educated, gives them time to learn necessary skills, and then pays them well to help them build a good life.

"I love my Uncle Fred and will never forget this valuable lesson he taught me about second chances."

TiFaeri, another user, wrote: "How are parolees supposed to become members of society again if no one gives them a chance?! Good for the shop for standing up for their employees."

rownsherlock - a serving police officer - wrote: "Jesus this is shit. I've been a cop for 14 years, and I have found 3 places in my town which hire ex-cons exclusively.

"Those are the three places I always get my tyres done, buy my tools and get small electronics repairs.

"In all honesty, there are cheaper places, but people can't get better unless they have opportunities.

"As a personal aside, I think it's all our duty to help each other in modern societies."

As the above commenters say, convicts need all the help they can get in order to get back to fitting in with society. Well done to the tattoo shop for calling the customer out on the prejudice views.