Customer leaves a one-star review for a restaurant, but the owner remembers her all too well

Customer leaves a one-star review for a restaurant, but the owner remembers her all too well

Although sometimes it feels like it's a plague on mankind that will eventually turn out to be the downfall of society, the internet has completely changed the way we interact with each other, acquire products or services, and complain about said products or services when things inevitably go awry.

Head to the bottom of any Amazon page, and you'll see a ton of reviews explaining what's good and bad about any  product you might desire. if 78 people are saying that the nutcracker they bought is "only effective on eggs and soggy peanuts", then who are you and your coveted stash of walnuts to disagree?

Reviews are important - and not only so you know whether or not to buy tickets for the latest DC flick (you shouldn't). Leaving a one-star review at any place is a black mark against that particular establishment - one you should really pay attention to if you're thinking about offering them your patronage, but it's also hard to get a balanced view.

Imgur user ctrclub shares with us on the internet about one such time where that single star only told a part of the story, after a woman by the name of Monica left a one-star review about a restaurant, with a simple message: "The food was okay but the wait was terrible."

On the surface of it, seems fair enough, Monica. Nothing worse than a long wait time at a restaurant, right? But when the restaurant in question sees fit to respond, that's usually not a great sign. Even worse - when they see fit to response a full two months after the incident occurred, a surefire sign that they remember you quite well.

It's not clear which restaurant this is, but the response is quite a doozy. First off, Monica fails to mention that not only did she show up at the restaurant with 27 people, but she showed up a full 40 minutes before her reservation, demanding immediate seating and service regardless. But, ladies and gentlemen, things were only getting started.

The restaurant apparently did well in the face of such a crisis; seating Monica and her party (which included at least two other parents who are featured prominently in the riposte), allowing them the banquet room for no extra cost, getting all of the food out to them in a flat 35 minutes. Impressive, yes, but Monica and her party weren't having any of it.

"You and the two parents insisted on separate checks for the entire group, which when I took the reservation I advised in advance 'no separate checks' and explained that we did have an ATM on site if people needed it. Monica you and the two parents you whom you were seated with [sic] were extremely rude to myself, bartenders and our servers, telling one of them to 'shut up' and actually making another one of them cry."

From there, the response to the one-star review said that Monica didn't even leave a tip for the entire ordeal, but luckily other parents stepped up to the plate, apologising for Monica's behaviour that day. Just goes to show, really - one-star reviews should not be ignored, but they're as much a reflection of the reviewer as they are the thing being reviewed.