Disney is selling Mickey Mouse glove corn holders - for a magical dining experience

Disney is selling Mickey Mouse glove corn holders - for a magical dining experience

Every few weeks I get a real hankering for some good old fashioned corn on the cob.

Best cooked over an open grill and then smothered with butter, corn really proves that sometimes it is the simple things in life that bring the most joy. Of course, there is one thing in everybody's life that is guaranteed to bring the most joy, and that is Disney.

So, wouldn't it be great if you could combine these two delights for the ultimate magical meal? Well, now you can.

Handling a steaming hot cob of corn can often be tricky, which is why many households have corn holders hidden away in a kitchen drawer. But now ShopDisney is selling the cutest corn holders as part of their Colorful Kitchen Collection, and they're a must-have for any Disney fans.

Look at them! They're tiny Mickey Mouse gloves!  Credit: ShopDisney

The products official description on the ShopDisney website reads: "Count on Mickey to always lend a hand! This set of glove-shaped corn holders will keep you smiling as you chow down at your next cookout."

And don't worry about the quality, because the positive reviews speak for themselves.

One five-star reviewer wrote: "After breaking umpteen corn holders over the years, I think I have finally found the ideal holders. Each holder has two solid prongs to grip onto the corn and the hands are easy to hold and enjoy corn. Two thumbs up for Mickey Glove Corn Holders."

Credit: ShopDisney

And another happy customer wrote: "These do work. Put the gloves a bit higher on the end instead of center. Granted, they don’t work at swiftly as ones that stick out and are more of a good handle, but nothing is as cute as little Mickey gloves holding your corn for you."

Each set comes with four pairs of corn holders and costs just $6.99! Are you ready for a magical dining experience?