Disney is throwing a Halloween party for grown-ups with booze and free candy

Disney is throwing a Halloween party for grown-ups with booze and free candy

For many people, Disney is a place of magic and happiness, where dreams come true... for kids. Yes, despite the jaw-dropping rides, Epcot's boozy round-the-world showcase, and the fact you can get married there, many people are still under the illusion that Disney is for children only.

But this just isn't true. Disney is fun for the whole family - sure, adults who are still in-tune with their inner child will probably enjoy it more - but now the theme park giants are hosting an event that all adults will enjoy, and it comes at everyone's favorite time of year.

Halloween is a BIG deal in the US, and the best things about the spooky holiday are the parties, the costumes, the candy, and the booze! And you may be thinking about donning your best skeleton outfit and heading over to Aunt Judy's house party, but I've got a much better alternative for you.

Disneyland is California - which has been a place of teetotal fun for 60 years - only started selling alcohol to the general public this year with the opening of their new Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge land. However, the boozy fun has spread from a galaxy far, far away, and has come in the form of Disney's new Oogie Boogie Bash.

Take an in-depth look at Galaxy's Edge below:

The event is similar to Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party at Disney World, but this is targeted more to teens and adults.

Taking place at the Disney California Adventure Park from September, the new Nightmare Before Christmas–inspired event will not only include alcohol, but also a stronger focus in the villain department (and we all know the bad guys are the best Disney characters anyway).

Along with the wild rides that feature Oogie Boogie and his friends, Carthay Circle - the iconic movie palace and iconic restaurant - will be all dressed up with some series digital enhancements, as the outside of the building will be entwined by Maleficent’s vines.

Check out the new trailer for the new Maleficent movie:

The inside will also be transformed into a fully immersive experience, which promises to haunt guests with sounds and illusions.

But wait, because it gets better! There will also be a new Descendants-inspired DescenDANCE Party (if you haven't seen the movie, you need to NOW), and after you've busted out your best moves, you can head over to Oogie Boogie Bash’s hallmark treat trails. Here you can bag yourself some free candy from the cauldrons that line the path, as you meander your way down the lane (oh, but watch out for some iconic Disney villains as you do so).

And finally, after a snagging a bagful of treats, you can check out the Villainous! World of Color show, Frightfully Fun Parade, or Mickey’s Trick and Treat Show - seriously, there is so much going on it is definitely worth the ticket price!

There's also the revamped Redwood Creek Challenge Trail, which is definitely worth taking part in.

Disney + Halloween + Alcohol + Candy = The best night ever!

The Oogie Boogie Bash is scheduled to run from September 17 through to October 31, and requires special admission; tickets cost between $110 and $145 per guest and can be ordered over at Disneyland.com.