Domino's launches its biggest ever pizza for you to devour with your hungry friends

Domino's launches its biggest ever pizza for you to devour with your hungry friends

If there's one thing on this Earth that has the power to please everyone, it's food. We all need it, we all enjoy it, and we all love to indulge in a culinary treat every now and then.

But, of course, we all have a preference for different tastes. Some of us prefer sweet flavours, others (*cough* weirdos *cough*) go for more bitter sensations, and almost all of us will have that one go-to dish which no doubt attracts some questioning looks and comments from naysayers who don't agree with our choice.

And yet, there's one miracle food that transcends all these categories - one amazing feat of human ingenuity and design that appeals to even the pickiest of eaters. It is, of course, pizza.

Domino's understands this, and have been on a quest to satisfy the hearts and stomachs of pizza-lovers for almost 60 years now.

Now, with the introduction of their biggest pizza ever, they might just have got one step closer.

dominos biggest pizza Credit: Domino's Pizza

Aptly named 'The Big One', the new addition to the menu is the size of EIGHT large pizzas in one pie - meaning it's just about enough to satisfy my cravings when I get in from a heavy night out.

Of course, the pizza is designed to be shared, and so each quarter comes with its own set of toppings. These are: classic pepperoni, the supreme (pepperoni, bacon, beef, sausage, mushroom, pineapple and onion), BBQ meatlover (bacon, pepperoni, ham, beef, sausage and BBQ sauce tops), and the most questionable flavour combo of them all - ham and pineapple.

domino's big one Credit: Domino's Pizza

Unfortunately, The Big One is currently only available in Domino's biggest stores in Australia, and even those that do cater for it are only able to make two pies a day on account of how enormous they are.

It's so large, in fact, that Domino's had to design a whole new pizza box that would be strong and structurally sound enough to withstand the weight of the beast. They also had to manufacture new pans that would be the right size to cook the pizzas.

If you are lucky enough to get your hands on one, though, be prepared to shell out about $50 (which, to be honest, isn't actually a bad deal considering how much food you get). You'll also have to pick it up from the store yourself - preferably with a friend or two to help you - because it's too big to fit on a delivery bike.

"Customers will need to make sure they bring a friend to help them carry the pizza out of the store and clear the boot space in their car so it can lay flat," said Nick Knight, the Domino's Australia and New Zealand CEO.

domino's big one Credit: Domino's Pizza

So, if you've got $50 burning a hole in your pocket, a bunch of friends who need feeding, and a table big enough to host this big boy, I'd suggest you get yourself down to Domino's pronto - The Big One is calling your name.