Elderly neighbor leaves little girl next door 14 years' worth of presents after his death

Elderly neighbor leaves little girl next door 14 years' worth of presents after his death

Christmas is a sentimental period of the year for a lot of people. Sure, it's a time for singing joyful songs and eating too much food, but it's also the season during which we tend to consider the ones who mean the most to us - even if they're not around to celebrate with us anymore.

When Owen Williams' elderly neighbour, Ken, passed away recently, he and his family were no doubt thinking of him while preparing for the holidays. What he didn't realise, however, was that the old man had been thinking of them - particularly their two-year-old daughter - before he passed away.

Posting on Twitter this week, Williams revealed that Ken had left behind 14 years' worth of presents for the toddler.

The father-of-one was clearly touched by the gift, as were other people who saw the post on Twitter.

"Oh my goodness, how absolutely lovely," wrote one person. "What a special and thoughtful man he was... wow."

"People like Ken never die as they've left an imprint on humanity that can never be erased," added another.

After seeing the messages from others, Williams decided to share a little more information on his deceased neighbour and friend.

"Ken was a former salvage diver, seaman, carpenter, baker... The first time I met him, he was bouncing a 20ft ladder across the face of his house. He was on top. He was 83 at the time," he explained. "He played the accordion. We’d hear the strains of oompah drift through the kitchen wall late at night. He said he’d live to 100."

Williams also questioned Twitter on whether they thought he should unwrap the presents to check which ones were age-appropriate, or keep them as a surprise for his daughter each year - and the results were pretty clear:

"What a beautiful gesture. I think you should keep them as they are," said one voter. "As she gets older she’ll understand that it’s not the present that matters but the sentiment behind it. Although, thinking about it, I’m not sure if a 1 year old would want makeup..... Tough choice."

Meanwhile, a more decisive commenter had this to say: "Definitely one a year without knowing. She’ll appreciate the fact that your elderly neighbour wanted her to have a gift every year from him until she is 16 no matter what’s inside."

"Wow what a thoughtful man who clearly thought so much of you all as a family, made me cry this morning," said a third. "I too would say give her one each year & let his memory be a household name. She will grow up to know she made an impact on his full life as he continues to make one in hers."

Williams had to open just one, however, because the temptation was too much.

After that, he decided to go with the majority of votes and leave the remainder of the presents wrapped so that he, his daughter, and the rest of their family could enjoy Ken's thoughtfulness as a surprise in the years to come.

Though he may not have made it to 100, then, it's clear that Ken's legacy will live on for years to come, and his kindness will never be forgotten by Williams and his little girl.