Fan recorded 'sleeping' during Super Bowl in '$7,000' seat

Fan recorded 'sleeping' during Super Bowl in '$7,000' seat

A fan has been recorded "sleeping" during the Super Bowl, despite sitting in a seat worth $7,000.

The incident took place during the first quarter of last night's game inside Florida's Hard Rock Stadium - a game watched by millions around the world. In the footage, an unidentified man can be seen reclining in the lower levels of the stands behind the Chiefs end zone, arms folded and eyes closed.

Watch the man sleep at the Super Bowl below: 

The footage was shared to Twitter by a woman named Karissa Maxwell, who wrote: "Somehow, this man is sleeping through the #SuperBowl. We're still only in the first quarter."

Reactions to the video on social media were divisive, to say the least. While some people thought that it was impressive that the man had managed to fall asleep in such a loud environment, others said that it was a waste of an extremely expensive seat.

One Twitter user wrote: "You gotta be rich to spend $1500 plus on a super bowl ticket just to sleep at the game."

A second remarked: "Holy crap how much did he pay to sleep at the Super Bowl?"

A third added: "How could someone sleep at the most iconic events? The Super Bowl was a must watch!"

However, it wasn't all doom and gloom for the man.

One fan wrote: "No sleep mask. No ear plugs. No weighted blanket. Pure talent."

Another suggested that he could simply be having a well-earned rest after being tired out by his kids: "My man just wanted some time away from his kids."

A third similarly joked: "Told his wife he was working overtime. Becomes a national treasure."

Unsurprisingly, it was also suggested that he'd simply had one too many beers prior to the game.

Maxwell later revealed in a subsequent tweet that when the man woke up, his friend showed him the footage. We can only imagine how he reacted to becoming an accidental viral Super Bowl sensation.

One thing's for sure, if the tweet below is anything to go by, it wasn't good...