Father, daughter and their pets recreate the same photo for 10 years and it's amazing how little changes

Father, daughter and their pets recreate the same photo for 10 years and it's amazing how little changes

Family photos are a stalwart of society as we know it. Whenever we head back to visit our parents with our new/current partner, they will whip out the family photo album and set out on a mission to cause mass embarrassment. Whether it's the photos of your spotty, brace-faced teenage years, or you parading around in your birthday suit when you were just a toddler, it's more than likely that your family photos have documented every part of your life until you fled the nest.

However, while your photos may document the years of your life in different locations - from being born through to high school and college, it's unlikely that they would've done in such a unique way as the following.

One father and his daughter have taken the same photo for the past 10 years and the results are adorable.

Ever since Tiffany was born, her mother has taken the same photo of her with her father, cat and dog for the past 10 years. The images have been shared online by her father, TM Wong, and Chinese social media has been left feeling touched by the images.

The first photo was taken back in 2008, when Tiffany’s mom realized how cute they all looked together. “I was very tired. I had probably just changed my daughter’s nappy, and was taking rest on the sofa. She was just sleeping by my side,” Mr. Wong, Tiffany’s father told the Daily Mail. “And all of a sudden, my pets came up to the sofa and I couldn’t move an inch.”


The tradition then began in 2013, when a five-year-old Tiffany said how much she loved the original photo and asked that her mother take another one in the exact same way. From there, the family began taking the photo once a year. “It’s not something special, but they will be good memories when we look back in 10 or 20 years,” Mr Wong said.



Since uploading the photos, Mr Wong and his family have started a trend in China, with many people also uploading their adorable family photos. Wong said that he appreciates the affection that the photos have brought but also used his platform to spread an important message about pets.

In China, many families choose to abandon their pets when a woman gets pregnant, with fears about hygiene being the main concern.





Despite it being commonplace, Mr Wong decided not to abandon his dog and cat, which he rescued from a shelter. He says that he wants to prove to people that it's possible to keep pets while there is a pregnancy in the house. “We have at least two pets throughout my wife’s pregnancy and 10 years past, my daughter has never been admitted into hospital once,” said Mr Wong.

No doubt the photos of Wong and Tiffany are lovely in their own right. However, the added meaning behind them only serves to make them even more adorable.