Fifth grader absolutely savages teacher who sent her to summer school in letter

Fifth grader absolutely savages teacher who sent her to summer school in letter

While growing up, all of us probably encountered at least one teacher that we simply could not stand. Perhaps it was a drama coach who unjustly called you out for your terrible acting skills, or a math professor who embarrassed you in front of the whole class when you couldn't answer a simple question. For me, it was the chemistry teacher who would flip out every time I said a single word to anyone else.

However, as much as we might have disliked our teachers, very few of us actually did anything about it. Sure, we might have argued back once or twice, but - ultimately - we knew that our backtalk wasn't worth an hour in detention.

It seems that not all kids have that much restraint, though, and this weekend an image surfaced on Twitter showing a two-page rant that one student named Isis wrote to her teacher.

The letter reads:

"Dear Ms. Leone,

"This is going to be the last time I see you. (I hope) But I just want you to know that I really don't like you at all. And you should know why. Once upon a time I did like you but that was a long time ago. Matter of fact ages ago.

"Now I hate you and I mean every word of it. I was really smart when I came into 5th grade but you made me a total dumbass and you know it. You only put me in summer school on purpose cause either you just don't like me for whatever reason or you just have something against me.

"You know how I know your so stupid because when you told me and Kalija that we were on the list for summer school but she didn't even get a paper. What type of s**t is that? Only a d***head does that. And then you act like if your smart and proffessional [sic] when your stupid and dumb.
"That's why none in fifth grade liked you cause your so annoying. Your a unintelligent, unprofessional, uneducated, special educated narsasits [sic]. And all you do is bother people and give them summer school to make them feel like total assholes.

"There were other kids in your class who were stupid and never did work and you didn't say s**t just just kept your skinny ass lips shut with your fat ass body. I hate you so much. And you need to know that. I was actually thinking about smaking [sic] the living s**t out of you since actions do more than words but in this case that's not it."

"So I decided to come back at you the smart way. To show you that I am way smarter than you think.

"Sincrely no genuinely [sic] isis the student that hates you."

Now I have no idea what Miss. Leone is like as a person - but if her only crime was sending this fifth grader to summer school, then this might be a slight overreaction. Hopefully, she and Isis were able to talk over the issue, and nobody got "smaked" in the process.