Fisherman surprised to find money in snapper's stomach after gutting catch

Fisherman surprised to find money in snapper's stomach after gutting catch

A fisherman was astonished to find a $20 note in the stomach of a snapper he had caught.

The angler's find was then posted to the official Facebook page for Sharkmen Fishing Charters Melbourne in a series of photos, with the caption “Mind blown. No word of a lie.”

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Plenty of Facebook users were amazed by the unexpected discovery and expressed as much in the comments.

"Only the one??? Wow how amazing," one person wrote.

"That would have been painful to pass!" another remarked

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Other Facebook users, however, were more skeptical about the find.

"Weird hey that you decided 'hey i might just cut this random slice off while filleting' and wow look a neatly rolled up 20," one person wrote.

"I call bulls**t, it is not in the Gut bag, only in the cavity," added another.

"Don't you normally gut a fish before you fillet it," a third wrote. "Don't believe this for one minute."

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Dr. Richmond Loh, an aquatic veterinarian has since told Yahoo News Australia that the note was in the organ you would expect it to be in if the fish had indeed swallowed it.

“Having said that, pink snappers have slightly downturned mouths (consistent with being bottom feeders), making it less likely that this snapper would meet with a $20 bill that is floating at the water surface, though they are known to come to the water surface at times,” he said.

“A $20 note is not a small item that can be easily swallowed by accident, so the snapper would have had to also ‘mouth’ it (chew and taste) to check if it’s something edible using the tastebuds inside its mouth before it would swallow.”