Furious mom warns against Bunchems after five-year-old got 58 spiky ball toys tangled in her hair

Furious mom warns against Bunchems after five-year-old got 58 spiky ball toys tangled in her hair

Keeping up with kids' trends these days is almost impossible. When I was younger, we had Lego, Pokemon cards, and Tamagotchis - and that was about it. Now, however, it seems like there's a new craze hitting the shelves every week. The latest one? Bunchems.

Created by the brand Spinmaster, Bunchems are small balls covered with tiny hooks - sort of like Velcro - that can be used for creating 3D designs. Unfortunately, as well as adhering to one another very efficiently, the tiny toys also cling to hair.

One mother found this out the hard way when her five-year-old daughter got 58 of them stuck in her locks.

bunchems hair Credit: Facebook

Jasmine Nikunen, who is from Arkansas, claims that she spent a whopping 12 and a half hours trying to pry almost 60 of the tiny toys out of her daughter's hair.

In a post on the Indian Hills Neighborhood Association Facebook group, Nikunen wrote: "Until yesterday my baby had the most beautiful hair you could ever imagine. Are there any stylists who can help with Bunchems? This happened to clean dry hair in less than 5 minutes and we've been trying for 2 days now. PLEASE HELP!!?"

She also shared pictures of her daughter, Scarlett, whose hair was matted and tangled around the balls.

Bunchem toys in hair Credit: Facebook

Nikunen later explained that the toys became entangled in her daughter's hair after the little girl's cousin poured a whole bucket of them over her head.

"It was a nightmare," the mother said. "Colin, who is three, poured the whole bucket over her head, and she tried to shake them out."

Pretty much immediately, the balls clung to Scarlett's head. "They were stuck to her scalp," Nikunen said.

But it turns out that the five-year-old is not the only one to have gone through the ordeal.

At least one other Facebook user in the Indian Hills Neighborhood group was familiar with the situation and was able to offer some advice to Nikunen.

"I covered my daughters hair in coconut oil turned on a movie and let her watch it. I took easy sections and worked from bottom up with little tweezers, comb, and scissors," she said. "As soon as you get a section free make sure to put it in a pony tail away from the toys from hell."

What's more, if you have a look at the product reviews on Amazon, you'll very quickly come across pictures shared by parents of children who have met the same tangled fate.

bunchems in hair Credit: Amazon

"We bought these because they looked like fun," said one reviewer on Amazon. "My daughter was playing and decided to put some in her hair. I know it says keep away from hair but she is 7 and thought it would look pretty in her hair. She ended up getting a bunch stuck in her hair. Once they were entangled it was like cement. I could not pull them out. We ended up having to cut out a huge chunk of her hair."

Thankfully, Scarlett did eventually get the toys out of her hair after her mother smothered the afflicted areas in oil and teased the toys loose. The little one did lose a fair amount of hair in the process, but hopefully her experience will deter other kids from meeting the same fate in the future.