Furious pedestrian gets instant karma for his behavior after hurling abuse at driver

Furious pedestrian gets instant karma for his behavior after hurling abuse at driver

Life can be unfair sometimes. No, actually - scratch that. Life can be unfair a lot of the time. It doesn't matter how good of a person you are, or how hard you try to do your best in the world: the powers that be will always find a way of screwing you over somehow.

Every now and then, however, the universe works in your favour. This could be in a small, seemingly insignificant way (perhaps you find some money in a coat pocket, or bump into an old friend by chance), or in a huge, life-changing event (take winning the lottery, for example, or landing the job of your dreams).

Other times, however, it's just plain funny.

This was the case for one driver in Adelaide, Australia, who got to witness instant karma in all its glory after he was shouted at by an angry pedestrian.

In a clip posted to YouTube, dash cam footage shows the driver approaching a set of traffic lights. As he gets close to the crossing, a baseball cap-wearing man with a dog suddenly appears from the right-hand side. And, for some reason, he isn't best pleased.

The dogwalker walks straight into the road, and begins motioning at the driver (who has already stopped at the lights, by the way) to slow down. He then starts making strange hand gestures at the guy behind the wheel, all the while getting himself more and more worked up.

Unfortunately for him, while doing all this, the angry pedestrian fails to look at where he's going - and ends up being the recipient of some delicious instant karma as a result.

Just take a look at what happens when he reaches the other side of the crossing:

Now, I'm not exaggerating in the slightest when I say I have watched this clip at least seven or eight times in the past 10 minutes. It's just so perfect: the slow build in which angry hat man gesticulates wildly at the unresponsive driver, the looming realisation that he is headed straight for the post, and then the wonderful payoff in which he does a sort of frustrated dance in front of the driver's car.

Here it is in a frame-by-frame recap, just in case you wanted to see the moment of impact again.

He approaches...

The cap folds flat onto his angry little face:

The rest of his body quickly catches up with him:

Then comes the rebound:

Followed by the recovery:

And finally, this beautiful sight:

So, while karma may be a b*tch sometimes, she certainly knows how to deliver a quick life lesson.