Girl celebrates her eighth birthday with a Target-themed party

Girl celebrates her eighth birthday with a Target-themed party

A Target-obsessed little girl celebrated her eighth birthday in style, with a Target-themed party.

The unusual party was made public on Twiter by Brayden's aunt, Rikki Jackson, and it featured adorable pictures of the youngster and her friends enjoying all that the store has to offer, while dressed in miniature employee outfits.

Watch Brayden adorably strut down the aisles of Target below: 

Rikki Jackson, Brayden's aunt, who tweeted pictures and video of the event, said: "Brayden is obsessed with Target. She will literally just ask to go walk up and down the aisles. She loves it and will spend hours in Target."

"No, Target doesn't do parties," she added. "We had to ask special permission from the manager lmao."

Brayden's mother, Jessica Smith, made miniature Target uniforms for the children and got them walkie talkies so that they could feel like real employees. The store manager got in on the action as well and made them little name tags.

"I told the manager, 'I'm gonna bring 10 little girls in here and we're gonna take over this store,'" Smith said.

The party took place at a brach in Atlanta suburb of East Point, and Alberto Sanchez, executive team leader of human resources had this to say about the unusual event, as per CNN.

"They were basically like Target team members, which was pretty cool," he said. "They were great. It was cool. It was as loud as the little 8-year-old girls can be. It was joyful loud."

Sanchez also explained to the news outlet that the party took place before peak hours, beginning at 10 am and ending at noon, to ensure that it didn't interfere with any actual Target shoppers' activities.

One of the party events involved a store treasure hunt which had the children searching for items like the movie Frozen. And when other shoppers noticed that a party was taking place, some even bought Brayden gifts.

"We shopped at Target and we got whatever I want and that's all," the birthday girl said.

Jackson, Sanchez's aunt, explained that the eight-year-old's passion for the store was inherited from her mom, who is a big fan.

"My sister, Jessica, is obsessed with Target, too, and always took her on her trips," Jackson said.

"We go to Target for everything," Smith said. "My children know you can find whatever you need at Target."

In an email to CNN, Target spokesperson Jacqueline DeBuse said that the company is "all about bringing moments of joy to our guests every day."

"We're thrilled when our team goes above and beyond to create extra excitement and happiness for even our littlest guests."