Girl turned her Tinder profile into a Powerpoint presentation and it's amazing

Girl turned her Tinder profile into a Powerpoint presentation and it's amazing

With so many people turning to dating apps these days on the quest to find a soulmate, it can be extremely hard to stand out. Especially with everyone touting the same old "I like exercising, music, and dogs" and posing in very similar styles, it starts to feel as if everyone on Tinder is basically the same person.

But for music student Savannah Peck, who currently lives in Pennsylvania to study, she came up with a genius way to make her profile really stand out from the rest. This is her:

She got creative by using the photo gallery to upload – not selfies with Snapchat filters over her face or pictures of her on holiday posing with a tiger like most profiles do – but... Powerpoint slides. You know, the nostalgic heading/image/bullet-point text templates from the Microsoft Suite we would use in school when presenting class projects. It's colourful and funny and just plain perfect.

She used Powerpoint to create a presentation of why she would make a good match, titling the slideshow "Why you should swipe right: a brief presentation". The font she chose was Comic Sans – so you can already tell it's going to be good.

She listed "fun facts" about herself, boasting about her sock collection and emphasising her love for the creative arts.

She also gave a breakdown of how she spends her time, notably: whisky and looking at the very pie chart she was creating.

Savannah mentioned the perks a potential partner would benefit from in their relationship (like that they would be the "cute one"), while also pointing out her talents for graphic design (obviously) as well as for appreciating good puns and memes (two big ticks in our book). 

She mentioned "things you can brag about to your friends if we match", name-dropping her band, "Hot Dad Calendar" and the very presentation they were currently reading.

To sum it all up and to leave a lasting impression, her closing slide ended with an "I will probably disappoint you" and a simple "please" at the end.

Someone uploaded the slides to Imgur with the caption "10/10" which was reposted on Reddit by a person who wrote "Actually matched with her. She's as fun as you'd imagine". It seems the rest of the internet enjoyed her Tinder slideshow too, writing in the comments that she is hilarious, adding that they also found her a very good catch!

"I'd swipe right instantly after the whole presentation. Super-like if I can," one person commented. "'Please' she seems amazing also halfway through I forgot I was on imgur and tried to swulipe right to see more of her pictures," wrote another. "She seems fun," mused someone else, while this guy was totally convinced: "100% would wife".

I think Savannah deserves a standing ovation for her genius efforts, and we wish her all the best in her quest for love.