Glass hair is the next big Instagram trend you're about to see everywhere

Glass hair is the next big Instagram trend you're about to see everywhere

Between Kylie Jenner, Rihanna and Gwyneth Paltrow's respective forays into the industry, it's evident that there's never been a better time to be a beauty entrepreneur, and it's also never been such a creative space either.

Certainly, capitalising on trends has never been easier thanks to social media. 2018 has already seen a plethora of styles so bizarre (and oft unwearable) that they remain lodged at the top of our Instagram feeds, championed by some of our favourite beauty bloggers.

I mean, do you even use social media if you haven't seen women donning nose hair extensions, McDonald's eyebrows and tinsel eyelashes, alongside more innocuous trends such as floral eyeliner and now... glass hair.

If you're wondering what exactly glass hair is, it's a sharp haircut that has been styled until it's smooth, polished and super shiny - essentially, hair that looks like it was cut from glass. It's slowly been making its way through the A-list circuit, and has been seen on the likes of Kim Kardashian, as well as Jenna Dewan and Hailey Baldwin.

Of course, these celebs weren't born with hair that is naturally so glass-like. Instead, their reflective 'dos are created by using a boatload of hair products and styling tools, which means that us mere mortals can replicate the look at home.

"We first saw polish and shine in a glass-like manner popularised by Vidal Sassoon in the '60s," celebrity hairstylist Cash Lawless, told Refinery 29 UK. "He was achieving immense levels of shine on short geometric cuts. Now, videos have began to go viral and hairstylists started picking up on the trend."

Kim Kardashian has worn the style on a number of occasions now...

So has Kylie Jenner...

And Khloé Kardashian:

Here's some more inspiration from the stars...

Well, that's our fall hair inspo sorted then.