'Grombre' trend is inspiring people to embrace their grey hair

'Grombre' trend is inspiring people to embrace their grey hair

Though one could easily criticise Instagram for bearing about as much semblance to reality as a Star Wars movie, occasionally some good does seem to be borne out of the social media picture sharing platform.

Sure, a lot of the time, Instagram represents little more than a filtered husk of what real life actually looks like; presenting instead a sort of parallel universe where abs are always chiselled, the sun is always shining and golden hour never ends.

A celebrity hairstylist explains how to embrace your grey hair:

Yet there are many people who do their best to combat the potentially damaging effects of such a pristine, effervescent rendering of reality. The body positive movement, for instance, sees people encouraging others to embrace the skin they're in, and highlights the fact that all of us have imperfections - it's what makes us human.

And now, an online community is encouraging women to embrace their grey hair, while in the process delivering a powerful and positive message.

“What started off as a small Instagram community has turned into a lifestyle for women— Grombre is about so much more than hair,” the website describes. “We believe there are more important things in life than the beauty standards that women are so often told define our value, and we’re finding liberation and empowerment to live fully and celebrate the complexities that make us beautiful in each season of our lives.”

The Grombre Instagram page shares beautiful pictures of women with their accompanying story in the description. Here's a few examples.

You can see countless more images, and read the wonderful accompanying stories of each individual by checking out the Grombre Instagram page.