Gross footage shows podiatrist cutting away woman's giant toenail

Gross footage shows podiatrist cutting away woman's giant toenail

For many people, being a podiatrist is the profession from Hell.

But let's face it, someone has to sort out people's fungal nail infections, cut away those pesky ingrown toenails, and on occasion, remove monster nails, which is exactly what Dr. Binh Nguyen, a podiatrist in Tampa in Florida, had to do for a recent unidentified patient who had gone a year without cutting her toenails.

This is the stomach-churning moment the woman's huge toenail was cut away: 

The woman's toenails had grown incredibly thick and discolored during this time, with the largest forming a "hat" over her big toe.

President of Healthy Feet Podiatry, Leo Krawetz, 52, said, spoke about how there is no cure for nail fungus, only treatment - and that if the individual allows the nail to grow and get thicker, it becomes harder to treat.

Prior to cutting away the woman's nails, the 33-year-old doctor measured the longest, which came in at 4cm.

A toenail being measured. Credit: Caters / Screenshot

And while there was no doubt that the condition of the woman's feet was shocking, the podiatrist assured her she'd "come to the right place".

Dr. Anton Alexandroff, consultant dermatologist and British Skin Foundation spokesperson, told MailOnline: "This video shows overgrown toenails. There also appears to be a fungal infection of the toenails.

"It is very important to trim toenails neatly and avoid overgrowing toenails. Overgrown toenails can traumatize skin and break skin barrier."

He continued: "Broken skin may serve as a port of entry for infection and cause a serious skin infection called cellulitis which may require a hospital admission and drip antibiotics.

"Thick deformed toenails like in this video may indicate a toenail infection. It can be treated with a topical anti-fungal nail varnish although often it requires a prolonged treatment with an oral medication."

The footage above went viral after it was posted to the Healthy Feet Podiatry's YouTube channel, which features videos of similar procedures.

The British Skin Foundation has provided the following recommendations for anyone suffering from fungal nail infections.