Guy vows to delete Tinder after date sends him screengrab of his own message

Guy vows to delete Tinder after date sends him screengrab of his own message

We've all been there. Screengrabbing a conversation and then sending it to the person we were about to talk about. That, or we've got very close to doing it.

Now, one guy has vowed to delete Tinder after his date sent him a screengrab of his own message.

As any user of a smartphone will attest, nine times out of ten a message is screenshotted for all the wrong reasons, and unfortunately, this was the case for Harrison, who is thought to be from Leeds, England, after he followed up with a Tinder date.

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In the message to "rachel tinder", he wrote: "Hey, I had a really nice time last night" before adding, "would love to see you again sometime?"

But instead of replying with a polite "thanks but no thanks" message, or agreeing to a second date, Rachel sent Harrison a screenshot of his own message accompanied by "LMAO" (internet slang for 'laughing my a*s off').

Harrison subsequently shared a screenshot of the exchange on Twitter that was simply captioned: "im deleting tinder".

Realizing her mistake, Rachel followed up by writing: "oh my god I'm so sorry".

At the time of writing, the post has received over a quarter of a million likes and 24.5K retweets.

Explaining the incident in all its humiliating glory, one Twitter user wrote: "She took of a screenshot of his message with the intention of sending it to a friend to laugh at him, hence the 'LMAO'. But she sent it to him by mistake. Ouch."

It's not knowing whether Harrison replied to the fail, and other Twitter users went on to point out the fact that Rachel hadn't even saved his number.

However, some joked that it wasn't as bad as it looked.

One Twitter user sarcastically wrote: "She was so excited and proud to get your text that she wanted to share it with close friends. Nothing to worry about."

Better luck next time, Harrison. May the Tinder gods smile on you.