10 Incredible side-by-side transformations that show much a person can change

10 Incredible side-by-side transformations that show much a person can change

Anyone who has ever looked in the mirror and felt insecure about their weight knows how difficult it can be living day in, day out, with a body you hate. While it's true that beauty is found on the inside, being consistently worried about your size can put a damper on almost every area of your life, making you feel miserable almost 24/7. However, life is what you make it and if you're unhappy with any part of your life, the only solution is to throw all of your efforts into changing it.

That's exactly what the people on this list did. After feeling downcast about their bodies for years, they finally stepped up and decided to do what they felt was impossible. Years - or sometimes even just months - later, they hit their goal weight and felt fabulous and confident. Have a scan through their amazing transformations - and remember, if they can do it, so can you!

"I don’t have friends to be excited about my change so I’m hoping one of you guys appreciate it. I am having a bad day and feeling shitty but looking at this definitely reminds me life doesn’t have to stay the same"

"20lbs left to go, keeping myself motivated by focusing on how far I have come"

"He never saw me as my size, asked me to change, or made me feel as anything other than beautiful. He treated me the same way at 485lbs that he does at 182lbs. Love doesn't have a size or weight limit"

"Less than two years it took me to lose this weight"

"Two and a half years ago, my brother turned his life upside down and I couldn't be more proud"

"Two friends who got fit together"

"I remember laying in bed at night almost every day crying because I didn’t want to live anymore. To some people this might look like two different girls but I’m still the same girl in the first picture as I am in the second picture, just a little less naïve. Yet most still look at both pictures and judge them separately even though it’s the same girl"

"Quit drinking one year ago this weekend"

"So crazy that just over 3 years can completely change a persons life! TICK-TOCK! 26 days until my skin removal surgery!"

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How incredible do all of them look? These pictures are a testament to what hard work and dedication can do. Congratulations guys!