20 Women share the most ridiculous misconceptions men have had about their bodies 

20 Women share the most ridiculous misconceptions men have had about their bodies 

As awkward as it can be when it comes to learning about "the birds and the bees" when you're younger, it really is something we should all know about. Not just the basic anatomy of the reproductive organs and what happens when you "make a baby", but other things too.

Increasingly, people have been pushing for educational institutions to teach more about the sex-related things that make the whole process safer, less awkward, and just... better. Things like consent, different "kinds" of pleasure and learning about contraceptive options is a good start. But alas, some schools still teach kids the bare minimum.

Exhibit A, Coach Carr from Mean Girls:

One example of people not growing up with a sufficient amount of sex-related knowledge was recently seen on Twitter. A woman tweeted about a date she went on, where a 28-year-old dude thought that a woman's period always lasted a month.

I mean, technically the cycle lasts around 28 for each individual, but he thought the actual bleeding part lasted the whole month. Yeesh!

Obviously, people had a lot of questions.

Some wondered how this topic even came up during what was presumably the first date.

And others joked that it was previous girlfriends that put the idea into his head.

But in all seriousness, people took issue with this dude's total misunderstanding about the natural bodily functions of women.

The original tweet was liked over 175k times, retweeted by 17k people and attracted more than 2,300 comments. Shockingly, many of them were contributions from other Twitter users about similar encounters they've had with men.

Here are 20 other ridiculous misconceptions women have heard from men about their bodies.

1. Just... no
2. Read above
3. It certainly would be more economical, but no
4. In what scenario would this ever make sense?
5. Oh dear
6. I mean... that would be good?
7. It really shouldn't take a medical degree...
8. Ugh
9. "Just hold it in"
10. And yes, you can swim while on your period
11. That'd actually be handy
12. Nope
13. Aww... bless
14. That level of synchronisation would actually be very impressive
15. Explain this to me please
16. LOL
17. I wish
18. Kind of adorable
19. And how would an internal organ just "fall out", exactly?
20. And finally, it seems guys don't even know their own bodies...

Oh dear... looks like there are a lot of grown-ups who need a refresher course on this kind of thing.